Video.js Documentation

There are two categories of docs: Guides and API docs.

Guides explain general topics and use cases (e.g. setup). API docs are automatically generated from the codebase and give specific details about functions, properties, and events.

Table of Contents

Resolving Issues


The frequently asked questions for Video.js.


Troubleshooting help for Video.js.


Getting Started


The setup guide covers all methods of setting up Video.js players.

Player Workflows

After mastering the basics of setup move over to this guide for some more advanced player workflows.


There are a number of options that can be used to change how the player behaves, starting with the HTML5 media options like autoplay and preload, and expanding to Video.js specific options.


Tracks are used for displaying text information over a video, selecting different audio tracks for a video, or selecting different video tracks.



You can change the look of the player across playback technologies just by editing a CSS file. The skins documentation gives you a intro to how the HTML and CSS of the default skin is put together. For a list of skins you can check the Video.js wiki.


You can package up interesting Video.js customizations and reuse them elsewhere. Find out how to build your own plugin or use one created by someone else.


Video.js is built around a collection of components. These are the building blocks of the player UI.


A "tech" is the shorthand we're using to describe any video playback technology - be it HTML5 video, Flash, . Basically anything that has a unique API to audio or video. Additional playback technologies can be added relatively easily.


Video.js has multi-language support! Follow this guide to see how you can contribute to and use languages.


A "hook" is functionality that wants to do when videojs creates a player. Right now only beforesetup and setup are supported. See the guide for more information on that.

API Docs

You can refer to the full list of API docs, but the most relevant API doc is for the Player.